World in motion

I like that I've used most of the adapters in my international power kits. To say nothing of owning phone/laptop chargers for most of the industrialized world.

This would have been a goal of mine when I was younger if I'd thought about it.

Looking like mine

"You're one of my favorite haircuts here," she said. "It's so detached and clean. You're like a fighter pilot in the forties."

Flattered, I asked, "May I steal that description?"

I want to appear not of my own time. Not of any time.


It's actually really nice to have my mother visit.

Friends and co-workers remain surprised that I have the blunt, abrupt, honest relationship with my mother that I do. They like that she visits - tonight she she crushed people in my monthly poker game - but still most people seem surprised that my mother and I have the discourse we do.

It's not an affectation. Nor, as some extra cynical co-workers suggest, an actress I pay to pretend to be my mother to conceal my origins in a lab someplace.

My current relationship with my Mom is healthily adult; both of us have seen the world and enjoyed it.


I'm headed back to Europe.

The usual suspects can expect postcards from at least a couple countries.

My resolve to come back remains unwavering.

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The Admiral died last night after having severe kidney failure. His catsitters had taken him to the vet, who in turn referred him to a 24 hour treatment facility. He stopped breathing and was not responsive to CPR.