tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Stranger than kindness

It wasn't a potentially great New Year's Eve. I was scheduled to work until Midnight, but got an hour's reprieve from a sympathetic Dubliner willing to start an hour earlier.

I went to the 5 Point, my continual choice for any holiday. The proximity to the Space Needle guaranteed a crowd and hence a line; while politely waiting my turn, the doorman recognized me and told me that I never had to wait in line, and to "get your ass in the bar".

I had dinner and some drinks. The crowd was mostly holiday drinkers, people who need an excuse to get drunk on a Sunday. I had a few drinks, and come last call, decamped to the diner side. I ordered a pot of tea, and while sipping it struck up conversation with a nice couple from Montana. They were in town for the long weekend, and couldn't get a cab back to Madison Park due to the holiday traffic. I volunteered to drive them, and we walked around the corner to my place to pick up my car. For the third time in three days, my car refused to start, claiming too little battery power. This after I drove for several hours yesterday; there is a drain somewhere which I leave it to my mechanic to find.

Being Montanans, they were undaunted, and pushed my car down the ramp in my garage to kickstart it, which served perfectly. Thus enabled, I drove them to Madison Park. They tried to pay me for it, which I refused; I would rather have them think well of Seattle than make a few dollars. Each of them left money anyway; between the two of them the total came to well more than cab fare, and enough to cover my night's tab including dinner.

I can think of worse ways to start a new year than by meeting friendly, helpful people.
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