tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

I wrote for luck, they sent me you

A friend of good friends. Nice Wisconsin girl (greater Madison-ish). Player in our regular poker game. Well-traveled, professional, educated, at the first approximation a together adult. Age-appropriate.

After post-poker drinks (and a ride back into the city), I'm left with the unsettled feeling that getting involved with her might be more of the same. Which is not to diminish the very nice conversation we had about how we both ended up in Seattle, or the poor choices either of us made along the way. Plus the likelihood that having the conversation has intrinsically entangled me into something.

I've asked the mutual friends if this is a bad idea (email pending).

That said, even as bad plans go, a smart girl with a decent career and emotional baggage would still be about three steps up from my last handful of relationships. Even if she's in a bad relationship that she wants out of.

Either my crazy-radar is so finely tuned as to pick up the slightest sensation, or I have very bad luck.

I don't believe in luck.

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