tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Gently tapping at the glass

It's snowing here again. The DOT warned people about being on the roads today, and everything will probably be closed tomorrow. It's not supposed to get this cold here, and there will probably be power outages from ice on the overhead cables.

I worked on one of my resolutions by getting some touch-up work done on my tattoo. About an hour and a half, which was enough to cover the lowest few stripes. I'd forgotten what it feels like. My artist was also happy to report that I "don't bleed so much anymore", which means I'll probably hold the ink better this time. Pictures when they heal some more.

Much of the rest of the evening has been spent writing peer reviews for work, which are due by midnight. Most of us agree that this unpleasant process entitles us to drinks, but I don't want to risk thinning my blood right now. I'm not sure I'm going to the gym tomorrow either; sweat is one thing, but no one wants to see blood in the gym.

My new lockpick and clear test lock got here today also. I was able to pick the test lock right away, which is starting to make me suspect that the old locks in my test rig might actually be fairly severely warped. One of the deadbolts was making some pretty bad scraping sounds when the cylinder is turned clockwise. That could render it unpickable.
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