tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

When the wheels are spinning round

There's something awful about watching a city bus with chains on every wheel drive down a perfectly clear dry street. I realize it's probably impractical to take the chains off when they get to part of the city that isn't buried in ice, but damn that's a lot of sparks.

Apparently I really do bleed less now, not to mention lose less ink. My touched-up spots are a little tender, but not scabbing over, and the impression I left in last night's t-shirt is far from a perfect replication. If all my touch-up goes this well, I may get some decent photos taken and submit them to the industry magazines.

Another day of working from home, except for a brief trip to the mailbox and the accountant. Pleasantly, some of the Grotto's customers actually pay their bills promptly, so a few of us even had a small payday today. The downside of not going to work is not getting fed; it's not worth it for me to keep the amount of produce on hand every week that I eat at work, so my diet invariably goes south when I'm at home all day. Not to mention the severely increased chances of dinner at the 5 Point. Friendly and delicious, but not really healthy even if there is not liquor involved.
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