tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Analog trash

I am not an analog snob by any means. I don't think tube amplifiers sound "warmer", the only vinyl I collect is clothing, and I'm perfectly happy under compact fluorescent bulbs.

Today the replacements for my blue spotlights arrived. I've been lighting my living room exclusively in blue for six months or so; if there isn't natural light there is only a strange blue glow reflecting back in off of the windows. The original bulbs were analog, and since I've developed a propensity for leaving them on as much as possible, I decided to pursue LED bulbs instead. Compact fluorescents are infeasible due to the shape of the fixtures.

The blue is different. It's almost into purple some times and has a blacklight-like effect at others. It's still a good ambiance for the apartment, or if not good at least desired, but it is almost palpably different from the analog blue lights.

I expect I'll adjust to it over the next few weeks, and any acclimating is probably well worth it, given the lower energy usage and longer lifetimes I am told I can expect.
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