tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Stand these pictures on your shelf

Today I decided to try and get the monorail crash pictures off one of my old digital cameras. This is a bit of a project, since the camera in question was designed almost a decade ago, and the software that I'm using is something I wrote myself about eight years ago.

It turned out to not be as bad as I was expecting; the error I was usually encountering was 'unable to set date in camera', which would then leave the camera in a confused state. Then the first download would time out, and then the fatal errors kill the whole process. I'm just refusing to set the clock now; there might be a better fix, but for a camera that's been off the market for over seven years I'm only willing to dig so deeply into the problem.

Now I'm debating pushing this patch back into sourceforge. The prject moved to subversion a year ago, and apparently there are some minor compiler warnings that I should clean up in my module. It might make for a fun project for a couple of days, so I haven't dismissed it out of hand.

I'll have the monorail crash pictures up shortly. They were taken while both trains were parked outside my building; after the crash they were dragged back a few blocks a night by cranes.
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