tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

And her hallway moves, like the ocean, like the sea

Early election returns, the delivery of my copy of the Floodland remaster, and a second date have me feeling good on many fronts.

I won't discuss politics, since it's sill early and things could happen. But I'm optimistic.

Floodland has been my favorite album since 1992. Yes, five years after it came out. That's relatively age appropriate, and even in a hip college town I don't know how much it really moved my hometown right after release. It remains my favorite Sisters album, and always seemed just perfect; almost twenty years later it still sounds ahead of the curve. The remaster has cleaned up the sound a little bit, but not too much, since the production value was pretty high (as opposed to the dismal US release of First and Last and Always). The gems are the inclusion of the b-sides and one long-rumored unreleased track. Never Land now weighs in at almost twelve minutes, and manages to improve the stark brilliance of the original. Eldritch always denied there was a full version for release, but this version is in pretty good shape. Of course, releasing an LP with two ten minute songs and four over six minutes would have been pushing the storage limits of the medium. The gatefold package is okay, and most of the history is culled from interviews I've already seen. But still brilliant.

Keeping quiet about the second date too. Suffice it to say it's for drinks during happy hour and I'm quite excited about it.
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