tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

An old man in a dry season

The Admiral had his annual checkup this week. For a cat of his advanced years he's doing fairly well, but his joints clearly bother him. The vet dotes on him, as do the techs, since even flustered by the car trip he is an incredibly sweet and calm animal.

Still, there are a couple of outstanding issues. One is a strange lump in his jaw; it's in the skin layer, and he doesn't mind it being touched if his jaw is being petted, but having it examined without the affection made him irritable. The second is his joint pain; the vet ended up taking blood from his front legs because she didn't want to pull on his back legs enough to find a vein. He's on glucosamine now for the next several weeks. The last is just pending bloodwork tests.

Even when the tests come back fine, I don't like the annual reminders that he's getting older.
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