tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

And so, you've heard

1730: I explain to my mother that I don't really make plans. Things happen, I am receptive, and interesting events follow.

1800: I have meatloaf and three drinks at the 5 Point. Followed by a brisk one mile walk to a movie theater.

1930: I watch The Good Shepard. It closed Thursday at the theater near work, leaving Friday night's plans to contingency. It was very good. It accomplished its goals. It made me feel very ill.

2240: I went to a club downtown. Saturdays are EBM. I was pleasantly drinking at the bar when someone grabbed my ass. The woman on the next barstool blamed her friend on the other side of her; a gambit that she used several times after I met both of them. I bought them a round.

0100: While dancing, a blond girl came up to me and asked my sexual preference. Apparently disappointed, she retreated to the other side of the dance floor.

0130: I walk back toward home, and go to the 5 Point for a comforting sense of home.

0200: Being recognized and taken care of with mint tea and mozzarella sticks, I am content at the counter. I end up playing the trivia machine with the woman sitting at it, who warns me about becoming a regular. She refills her own coffee behind the counter and is known by name to everyone working. We show each other cellphone camera pictures of our cats. We played trivia, successfully. She holds my hand for a while.

0330: She calls a cab. We exchange e-mail addresses. She kisses my cheek, and I walk to the corner towards home. While waiting for the light to change, I am asked directions to the after-hours goth/industrial club by a blond girl in a jetta. I get in, and start to navigate her towards Capitol Hill.

0340: It becomes apparent that the driver is the woman who earlier asked my sexual orientation. She tells me that I'm pretty. She is driving to a place around the corner from the after-hours club to meet a guy she met earlier, who she thinks will either not be there or will reject her at the door. She inquires about how I will get home; I give a brief explanation of Vonnegut's statement from Cat's Cradle about unexpected travel being dancing lessons from god. We reach an agreement that she will drive me home if he turns her down, and she is not to worry how I get home otherwise.

0350: We find the parking lot for her assignation. After we get out of the car, she tells me that I'd be a good father and kisses me on the cheek. I tell her that that ship has sailed, which seems to sadden her. I stay hidden behind a van in the parking lot as I hear her knocking on the door. Conversation ensues, too quiet for me to hear. I peak around the van; she is headed into the apartment, and gives me a wave. I bow.

0430: I reach home. The walk was uneventful. The Admiral meets me at the door.
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