tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

On the tenth floor, down the back stairs

I'm home early from work because they're moving my team across the street into our new overflow space. We had to be packed up and out of the building by five, but then with no workstation and no way I'd try to cross the bridge, my evening would be pretty much screwed. Plus tonight's dinner isn't anything I'll eat. So I packed up after lunch and took off early.

The new space is pretty decent; it's cubes instead of offices, but I'm near both the kitchen and the pool table. It's also a block closer to the bus stop. So probably at least a lateral move, if not a step up in terms of office space.

We're having Seattle weather again. It's raining, but not hard enough to keep the sidewalks wet. Just a slight optical effect of so much moisture in the air.

This morning I decided I'm going to take a week off next month and go back to Madison. I've been meaning to go back since the split with X2 was finalized but it still hasn't happened. Now I have a free ticket I have to use by the first week in April, left over from my interview last year in Mountain View. I had the idea of trying to get a picture of everywhere I lived in Dane county; it comes up to a dozen or so places that I think are all still there. Maybe a couple of places from college have been torn down. I'll send real notice out directly when I know more.
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