tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Back among the living, welcome and goodbye

I've returned to Zurich from Berlin. Some notable things:

  • It's pretty much fall in northern Europe. I didn't bring a coat at all, let alone pack it in the small bag to Berlin. Thankfully there was a good surplus store around the corner from the hotel, where "good" means "small, crowded, random, and cheap". The end result being a coat that amaranthyne said "looked like I came with it".
  • Just because there's a bus scheduled that goes from Alexanderplatz to Tegel fairly doesn't mean that the traffic at rush hour will actually let it get there. Take the U-Bahn as far as possible and just ride the bus the last few stops.
  • Tegel has not gotten any nicer or better planned since the last time I was there.
  • Zurich can only sell train passes as "daily" or "monthly" - no weekly option available.

Since the vacation phase of the trip wasn't over until this morning, we went out to an excellent dark night in Zurich at X-TRA. Since I was exhausted, it was intended to be a brief visit, but since it was so good we stayed out much later than planned. A connection of amaranthyne's showed us the way and filled me in on what I can expect in Zurich.

Which brings us to the startling twist ending: I may be coming back a couple days later. There's a concert in a disused mine with VNV Nation and Covenant set for the night I'm supposed to leave. That's worth a ticket change fee.

In the short term, I'm in Zurich until Sunday, then off to Dublin until Thursday.
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