tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Moving like a cat

The new office allows pets.

The Company is officially "Dog Friendly". The fine print explains that while they'd welcome cats, they're not sure cats would like to be in the office.

There's a subtext there that raises my hackles.

The Admin of our office has also been moved across the road; she says we're her favorite team, and with a sincerity so tactile that I believe her. Today she saw the Admiral's picture on my monitor and suggested I bring him to the office one day.

I would love to take the Admiral everywhere. He barely tolerates the car, even in the safety of his carrier/embassy. If I could get him to the office, he would probably stay in his hutch until he felt safe, and even then stay within a few feet of me. I would probably make it a half day or less so as to not keep him from home.

A large part of why I keep my current apartment is that he is accustomed to it here. Moving furniture can upset him for days. He's living in his latter golden years, and I don't want anything to disturb that.

But he'd be adored at the office.
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