tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

All along the tunnels, through the underground

I returned successfully from Eine Nacht Im Bergwerk, where I had an excellent time.

First, a couple of minor corrections. Due to my near-total lack of German vocabulary, I had been lead to believe that the venue was some sort of disused mine. It is, in fact, a tunnel bored into the side of the mountain by the Swiss Strategic Security Institute. While there was a restaurant and several temporary bars and rest areas in the space we could get to, the large maps also clearly indicated a heavy weapons testing range in one of the restricted sections. So "disused" isn't even close - this is an actively maintained facility.

[The entrance and queue]

The tunnels were all decorated with excellently placed lights and large amounts of construction equipment.

[A lounge area with tunnel boring machine]

Finally, the shows themselves were excellent. Covenant and VNV Nation both played great sets; the crowd was very high-energy and both acts responded to that.

Discussing it with my traveling companion, we agreed that even if it had just been a club night in the venue, it would have been superlative. After Covenant's set, I could have gone home happy. By the end of VNV's set, I was ecstatic.

Uncharacteristically, I took about 200 pictures of the hole thing, lots of which are blurred to hell.

As hoped, it serves as a nice coda to my trip. Tonight I stay in, tomorrow is a day at work, and I return home Tuesday.
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