tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Feels like leather

As my favorite pair of leather jeans have seen better days, I embarked on a mission about a year ago to find a replacement pair and was unexpectedly fortunate: an identical, brand new pair, even in the same size on eBay. Total cost with shipping was less than I'd paid to have the zipper replaced in the current pair after it'd managed to break in the "open" position out dancing one night; it made for an awkward walk home.

Still, the new pair sat in the drawer as they were overly stiff and not at all broken in yet; it was a brutal comparison to the first pair which I got at least third-hand. They had to be at least fifteen years old and had seen more nights out than one person could deliver. A kind friend was good enough to lend me saddle soap and mink oil, and the new pair is coming along nicely. A couple more nights dancing and a few more good cleanings and they'll be in great shape.

But believe you me, there is pretty much no good way to apply these conditioners to pants solo. The best way to keep the material taut is to wear them, and while I'm still relatively flexible I would need the spine of a cat to reach everywhere.

After that I seek out replacements for the vinyl pants that I more or less wore out in Europe this fall.
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