tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

A change of style, a change of scene, with no regrets

So I'm trying to date a different class of women. Namely, those who I don't think will entangle me in an ultimately fatal fiasco or those with narcissism issues and a script in hand.

This is going, of course, perfectly badly. Not counting the pulls from any past favorites of the above two camps.

Other professionals tend to be, well, uninteresting. I'm not looking for drama, but women who lived the narrow path to the degree and a job, I find annoying and usually lacking in empathy. Life is complicated, and people who haven't hit any obstacles on the way yet probably will fail to handle those that will arise.

I theorize there's a middle ground between them and Trouble, or even some of the past relationships that were only lowercase-t trouble. But I have no firm proof that she exists.
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