November 20th, 2006

Someday a real rain will come

The party was a success. Lots of people who only knew me in common got to meet. Drinks were had, conversation was made, entertainment was had. A couple bottles of vodka vanished, along with some gin, wine, beer, various and sundry mixers, and all the ice I had on hand. To say nothing of the snacks.

On the way back from a client site on Friday night, I saw that To Have and Have Not is playing at one of the indie theaters in the U District. It's one of my favorite movies of all time, and honestly far superior to the heavy-handedness of Casablanca, to which it is frequently unflatteringly compared. Novel by Hemingway, script by Faulkner, starring Bogie and Bacall. I think one of the things I like about it is that it seems less overtly propagandic than Casablanca; it seems a little more timeless in the story of the resistance. It also doesn't hurt that Bacall plays nobody's fool; Ingrid Bergman is essentially property in Casablanca, the only choice is which one of the men she'll go with in the end. Bacall's character got to Martinique on her own, and was tough enough to survive there on her own.

Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, which is not a favorite time for me. Too many complicated memories swirling about it. It looks like I'll have my traditional 5 Point dinner a little early, and head up to the Hill for a later dinner with some friends. I've had several offers, and I'm still considering blowing them all off. I'm not a big fan of puritan holidays recast into nationalism as a mid-war propaganda stunt.

It's started raining here again, hard rain, not our usual northwest drizzle. I think the state of emergency is still in effect. Now that I'm bussing to work again, I think I have to get an umbrella, or some sort of hat that goes with my greatcoat.

I'm thinking of putting up another user picture. The last one was there for some fence-mending forays, but I've done with that for now. I don't know what else to put up though; I know I probably won't care enough to change it frequently, so it needs to be relatively mood-neutral.