February 9th, 2008

Health and knowledge and wealth and power

I was a societally useful creature today.

Having finally left my sickbed, I met my obligations to manage my precinct's caucus.

The outcome, while pleasing, is not at issue here; what has thrilled me about the entire experience is that it is the first time in the four years that I have been precinct officer that anyone has actually ... noticed. I ran a solid caucus, in line with the rules for the Washington State (suck it D.C. - get statehood or a new name!) Democratic party presidential caucus. Since I have no fear of public speaking or improvising before a crowd, I went forth without trepidation. My "constituency", in quotes since I run unopposed every year, was wonderfully grateful that I had volunteered myself to such an ostensibly thankless task.

I met more people from my building than I have in the past five years I've lived here combined. At the end of the caucus, there seemed no end to the number of people coming up to thank me for running it. My personal favorite compliment was from a constituent who strongly backed one candidate and had spoken with me in advance, congratulating me on having kept my own biases entirely out of my precinct caucus.

Afterwards I remained a useful creature and cleaned my apartment within an inch of its life.

Busy, busy, busy.