December 10th, 2008

All the tears you kept and the dreams you sold

I put the director all-in tonight. Yesterday he blew me off, claimed that dogfooding products is a viable strategy. I called his bluff then, mentioned that his cards weren't quite the straight flush he'd read.

Tonight's hand is a tough call. I've got suited overcards, and he's got unsuited 2-7.

Unless he's very, very sure, he can't call me.

Of course, poker aside, he's my grand-boss and could probably fire me without another thought. I'm disposable to anyone at his level.

But if he wants to play summary games, he loses. The surviving gang will know that he'll bluff strong. I'll see him in hell, and no one will ever tell him the truth in a meeting again.

He might yet hit the straight. Line up everything he thinks is right.

I'm not playing to lose. Quiet, you. The Admiral has a retirement to consider..