December 21st, 2008

Seeking out the poorer quarters where the ragged people go

I've been disgusted by the entitled sentiments from other people at the company. There's an abscess of Objectivists who actually think that people are poor because they're just not trying hard enough.

My suspicion is that none of them have ever experienced real hardship, or ever done real work in the physics sense of the word.

It may be very leftist of me, but I'm glad that my otherwise middle-class upbringing was disturbed by poverty. I lived on free school lunches. The successes I've had as an adult would not have been possible if some pissant Rand follower had been able to deny me meals in my formative years.

There is little doubt as to my professional success. I'm clever, and sometimes I'm even smart. My work is a fascinating mix of technology and anticipation. But I'll never forget being on the wrong side of poverty.

Living in a town closed down for winter

Seattle is pretty much shut down. It's continuing to snow; I can't see Elliott bay to my west or most of the downtown skyline looking south. The major arterial I live on hasn't been plowed, and I can see several abandoned buses and cars even in the limited visibility.

It's not a lot of snow by the standards of most places this far north, but no one here is prepared for it at all. Most flights out have been canceled; my lead was able to get one of the last rental cars at Sea-Tac last night and said thwe airport was full of people breaking down and crying about being stranded.

It's not clear if the office, or most businesses will be open tomorrow.

I like winter.