May 23rd, 2009

On the tenth floor, down the back stairs

As a belated birthday present, I bought the Admiral a set of pet stairs. These are almost exactly the right height to get him onto the bed, and I hope after a conditioning period of bribing him with treats he will accept them as a valid mode of transit.

We've reached a sadly co-dependent level at present; he's realized that if I'm around he only has to make a loud enough noise and I will pick him up and put him on or off the bed as he likes. There is plenty of evidence that he can do this for himself, in that there have been several times in the last few weeks where he's clearly moved himself around without my help. He just knows that it's easier when I'm there, and makes full use of it.

I'm also hoping that the weight limit listed his a bit conservative, since he's currently about a pound heavier than the limit.

Burning inside

What exactly is in microwave popcorn bags that makes burning it so awful? I overcooked a bag of it over a week ago, and despite having my windows open since then and having scrubbed the microwave thoroughly, there's still the occasional burning odor.

It makes me think that maybe I shouldn't eat it.