tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

We make elixers that we refine

The pink can stood out in the beverage cooler in the breakroom. There was only the one, slipped in the front of a line of Diet Pepsi cans.

Inevitably, we discussed it.

"Do they still even make that? How old do you think that is?"

Sadly, and for reasons to lengthy to explain here, I knew these answers.

"Yes, they still make it. It's probably in the QFC across the street. It's never been out of production."

We kept discussing it. I related stories of having to visit multiple grocery stores in a given weekend, trying to find it still in stock, usually only to find the empty section of shelf in the beverage section. The co-workers were only mildly incredulous, since most things I tell them have been proven true. Except for the one about The Admiral being the primary inspiration for The Rockford Files.

After a few days, we were all starting to wonder how the can got there. If it was part of the beverage service, there'd be more than one. If it was somebody's, they could have put it in the regular fridge. The best theory was that it was some sort of experiment to see how long it would last.

I decided that it was clearly fair game, and cracked open the can.

Maybe it's that I've been drinking diet sodas regularly for a few years now, or maybe my tastes have really changed, but unlike my experiences of a decade ago, I really fucking enjoyed that can of Tab.
Tags: food, work
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