tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

We're in the doldrums

A good weekend, but this is just about Sunday night.

Per the advice of several friends, I went ahead with another date with the current like interest. Attentive readers may recall my utter indifference after our first date.

So we set something up for today, which at her suggestion became take-out and a movie at her place. This seemed promising, as in the past she'd seemed high-maintenance for my taste.

All said and done, I'm leaning slightly negative on seeing her again.

The biggest positive is that she's now realized that several of her preconceived notions about me were completely wrong. That could entertain me for a while.

There are a lot of negatives, none of which are massive, but in total make for a constant state of annoyance.

I really am trying not to be a perfectionist here; I understand that there will always be some things not to like about someone. Tomorrow, when I can view it a bit more remotely, I'll probably do a pros and cons list.
Tags: dating, indifference

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