tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Somewhere, somehow, somebody must've kicked you around some

Today I heard from both ends of the spectrum of women I've dated.

Former Like Interest was first. She sent me a bland e-mail about how busy she's been. It reminded me that I should at least tell her I'm disinterested. She once told me that a couple of guys have broken up with her because she's a smoker, and I'm vaguely tempted to take it as an easy way out. I probably won't, since I've told her repeatedly that smoking isn't a big deal to me. Honestly, I don't see why she even tried today. I can't count the women who simply didn't respond after a week, and I let them go; e-mail is pretty easy, and not responding in a week is a clear indication of how much effort you're worth. I already found her needy, and she's managed to increase that.

Trouble called later. To be fair, she'd called a couple of time this week and I'd dodged the calls because I didn't recognize the number. She wanted to ask me about CarFax, and if I knew a free database to look VINs up in that was publicly available. I didn't.

Along the way she mentioned that she was finally feeling better; when I asked why, she told me she'd bruised three vertebrae. I asked if she'd fallen; she answered with the blunt statement "work is hard sometimes".

Both of them are reductio ad absurbdum for me. Former Like Interest is the bland, middle-class careerist who I find annoyingly naive. Trouble is past my tolerance for ... lacking a better word I'll say trouble.

I said a couple of days ago I wasn't dating anymore. I stand by that.

I also said I'd wait for all of you to stop laughing. I stand by that too, and I can still hear it from some of you.
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