tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Morning seems strange, almost out of place

This was another one of those incredibly productive, extremely draining Mondays.

Recent attempts to reassert control of my schedule got my up on time. I had time to hit the gym, and still make it to work before the majority of my team.

Work was incredibly productive. I found out my boss gave me an "exceeds expectations" for a review, and put as my next quarter's goals to step up and do more team lead work for our office. This is pretty exciting; I consider myself outclassed by a lot of the talent I work with.

Useful phone calls abounded - my therapist had an opening this week, so I'll get to have an appointment this month. X2 called with an update about her offer of a new position at the hospital.

Most interestingly, Trouble called. We've been playing phone tag for a while. The desk clerk at her hotel had mentioned my call; since I hadn't left my name, he described me to her as "sounded like your boyfriend, but smart". Humor is where you find it.

On the way home from work, I hit the bank with some deposits for the side company and put some money into my partner's accounts. The BoA in Kirkland thinks I'm him, always call me by his name in an attempt to personalize the service. I play along.

After work, I did two loads of laundry, typed in the corrections to a friend's thesis and e-mailed it back, put away all the clean clothes, and started packing for my trip. Then a call from an old friend, and we caught up for an hour before winding the night down.

I'll go to sleep shortly, and try to muster the same energy level tomorrow. It bothers me greatly that drinking on a Monday is so frowned upon, especially after a day when I was effective on so many levels.
Tags: sobriety, trouble, work, x2
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