tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

We will pass through this place, to the other side

Burning the candle at both ends can be exhausting. A full week of work, plus Grotto bookkeeping, planning sessions, and some client time is a lot to wedge into a week. An unfortunate coincidence that Saturday is my Admiralversary party, and I've been too busy to clean or stock up on supplies yet, and there's more Grotto work to do tomorrow.

I was thinking about canceling the party, just sending a notice and not having to deal with it. Very dissatisfying on a few levels, so I'm plowing ahead. How will I balance all the things that have to happen in the next eighteen hours I'm not yet sure, but experience has taught me that I'll probably pull it off acceptably.

Because it is contrary to my nature, I am trying harder to have my various friends meet one another. I keep people pigeon-holed; it's easier that way. It's also an horrible idea, so I am working very hard to get everyone together. At least a plurality.
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