tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Trying to write it down

I've been having trouble finishing the current piece I'm working on for my writing group. There are a number of things I simply can't resolve in my own mind before I put them down on the page.

This is particularly upsetting as it is a short, non-fiction piece about something that happened a few years ago.

Part of the problem is that it is fairly short, and I don't like to write explicit backstory. Pieces of the characters stories, including my own, should trickle out over the whole story. Knowing the characters only by their actions and dialogs, and the thoughts of my own unreliable narration.

I don't like how I come off in this one. Not that I do anything particularly unseemly, but rather that it comes off as somewhat self-serving. I display competence and calmness in the situations that arise. The worst that I appear in my own portrayal is that five years ago I was the sort of guy who could be called in the middle of the night to go off on strange errands to help friends.

Writing that does make it seem somewhat less flattering. That may yet help.
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