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Things that used to be one

Apparently the divorce rate in the US is way down, back to its lowest level since 1970.

It certainly doesn't feel that way to me. For 2007, among my acquaintances divorces and new marriages are so far even, not counting a few "probables" that may well end up in the former category. And no, none of the marriages or divorces are mine.

Another item of note in the article was that fewer couples seem to be getting married, which does credit to the old saw "marriage is the chief cause of divorce".

I recommend The Starter Marriage and the Future of Matrimony as a solid read on the issue. My copy eventually returned from its extended visit through my family, starting with my mother poaching it during a visit. Apparently it was quite the favorite; some readers left notes in it on post-its.

My therapist is opposed to my dating moratorium. I'm just not in the mood for a Sisyphean task right now.

One piece of popular wisdom discredited in the article is that half of marriages end in divorce. Experts now state that the real number is somewhere between 40% and 45%. Isn't that reassuring?
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