tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

For a second, please hold me

Tonight I saw VNV Nation at a club that was way too small to hold them. It was also the last show of their North American tour, and Ronan was clearly in an excellent mood. We were an appreciative audience, and even with my earplugs our screams of tribute were deafening.

One of the best moment was early, when Ronan chastised someone for pushing in the audience. He explained that a VNV crowd should be friendly, and if someone persisted in being anti-social that he would personally remove them and "you won't get an autograph".

We were packed in; two years ago they played a much larger venue in Seattle and sold it out. It wasn't clear why they'd play somewhere this small. The heat was brutal, but the crowd was friendly. When they threw water bottles into the crowd, it was clearly stated that they should be passed around.

I'm not in love. My proclivities towards the goth girls are well-known and documented. I managed to avoid my post-show emotional crash. The crowd was beautiful. It's alright.
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