tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

When the wheels are spinning round and the ground is frozen through

It's always funny when it snows in Seattle.

Except when you've become dependent on the busses, which just stop running.

For just under two hours, we all huddled in the bus shelter, watching numerous busses pass us in the wrong direction. I saw the hooligan youth of Kirkland throw snowballs at cars, one of which was so upset it circled twice to yell at them about it. The battery in my mp3 player died, cutting me off from further traffic updates. Finally a Sound Transit bus came to our stop and the driver pronounced that as far as he knew, he was it for Seattle-bound busses tonight.

Good enough for me. The fact that route 540 only gets me to the University district seemed to pale in comparison with having to go spend the night at the office.

The U district brought about another half hour of standing in the cold, with a new group of fellow sufferers all waiting for the mythical 71X which would take us downtown without delay. In the end I settled for the 70 local, which made a lot of stops and left me about ten blocks from home. I walked the extra block to the 5 Point for a pot of tea and a hot turkey open-face sandwich.

I suspect I'm not going into work tomorrow. Oddly enough, this will cause me to miss the meeting where we continue to lobby for an office in Seattle instead of the Eastside.

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