tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

You know me, and I sure know you

A friend of mine, upon hearing that I'd finished DBT, asked if I thought she'd benefit from it. This wasn't something we thought we had in common until we got to know each other beyond superficially; it makes for an awkward sort of bond. Birds of a feather and all that.

I said yes, that despite being extremely high-functional, she would probably get a lot out of the experience. If nothing else, getting to feel good about seeing how the low-functional population lurches through life. That isn't to say that the skills I picked up weren't excellent; most of the class was something that I think most people could benefit from learning. But I can't deny feeling good about the fact that I was one of the few with regular employment, keeping my own household, and generally maintaining.

I don't know if she'll do it or not. As the NIH once said "in the high-functioning population, the disorder surfaces predominantly in the primary relationship". Hold down a good professional career, keep the rent paid on time, and you'll get by well below the radar. She's managed to keep a better cover on things than I did, but I like to think I had some extenuating circumstances. Sometimes failure is what forces change.
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