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The snow seems to have stopped, although now it's just freezing rain. I'm still not going to work today/tomorrow; Washington drivers simply cannot be trusted in adverse road conditions.

Plus, I've stayed logged in and am arguably have been working most of the day/night. It was a little awkward to have realize my boss was also awake at 0200 when he approved my requisitions for a 24" LCD for home and an EVDO card for my bus commute. But at least I'm now chatting directly with the sysadmins on the other sides of the planet; both Europe and Asia/Pacific are up and chatting.

On an entirely different note, why does the Canadian Broadcasting Company play more classic American movies than any other channel I receive? Why are they my primary source of Bogie? My evening has been made complete by The Barefoot Contessa, another of the late Bogart movies where he takes shots at the movie system and celebrity in general. It seems to hit cable more than In a Lonely Place, which I'm not sure I think is entirely fair, but both are fairly cruel to the concept of fame and the public eye.

I re-made a third date today. The last one just failed to come together; you can't be stood up if plans never solidified, right?

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