tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

So I don't wake up frightened

The timers controlling both the radio and the lights had gone off; I was arguably awake but still supine in bed, one arm draped over my face to keep the light out of my eyes. NPR was telling me the state of the world when my phone rang. Years of conditioning pulled me towards consciousness and I reached for the phone on the nightstand and checked the caller ID. A number I didn't recognize, from a non-local area code. I answered anyway.


"Hi, I'd like to speak with the IT manager."

Now occasionally I do get legitimate calls about the side company to my phone, so I decided to keep it polite. "May I ask what this is about?"

A quick reply. "Yeah, I'm with name omitted and we're a technology reseller interested in working out a partnership."

This had all the makings of an unsolicited cold call. "Where are you located?" I asked.

"We're in Massachussets," he answered.

I decided that this was something I could safely blow off.

"We're on the west coast. I was sleeping." I said, and hung up the phone.

Now, if one is able to find my business number and is aware of the side company, it should be trivial to realize where we're located. Hell, it says it plainly on the website. So I'm left with a few possibilities:

  • Either he wasn't able to figure this out (or whoever sold him the call list - I don't care)
  • He actually thought that the west coast tech industry does anything before 9AM PDT
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