tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

I'll say I can't tell you when

Some good news at work early, combined with the on-and-off weather patterns and an impending, much-anticipated change of venue to the city made for a very odd day at work. Fittingly for the last week of my Eastside commute, there was an enormous wreck on 520 that kept me from leaving the office until well past 1900.

I discovered that my microwave's defrost setting is useless, and abandoned the chicken breast I was hoping to eat for dinner. In a development that will surprise all of you, there was enough food in the house to still have a dinner my nutritionist would find acceptable.

A brief period of writer's block has passed and I'm working on one of the pieces that's been kicking around my head for about two months. Decent progress so far, given that it's kind of unpleasant to write about some of the chapters of my life. I'm following Conrad's example and not straying outside my own world too far.

The Admiral continues to limp but is in good spirits and can be considered fat & sassy.

Reads pretty damn dull, doesn't it? This is why my style tends toward the inscrutable. I swear, I could make this afternoon's haircut seem interesting if I kept to my own style.
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