tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

and laughed "I've lost control again"

For some weeks now, a film I badly want to see has been in "Limited U.S. Release". I have no idea what this means; besides some proof that it opened in New York, I can't find any other evidence it's in the country at all.

This strikes me as a little odd given Seattle's deserved reputation as an indie movie city. I can't even count the tiny, one- or two-screen theaters that run strange imports. The primary web site for the film ignores U.S. distribution issues, and the U.S. distributor has no useful information on cities or theaters. I've been regularly checking the local movie listing sites fruitlessly.

There is a large possibility that I will end up seeing this film while I'm overseas. It's verifiably playing at no less than three cinemas in Dublin tonight; I'm inclined to believe that it'll still be in at least one of them in two weeks.

UPDATE: it looks like it opens here this Friday at the Varsity. Still, I might see it in Ireland too.
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