tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Evil comes and Evil goes

On a tip from a former co-worker, I saw a former boss on America's Most Wanted tonight. One day he was just gone; apparently after he had missed a court appearance he just hit the road.

The warrant says he molested his ten year old daughter, who didn't tell anyone for six years. I won't bother paraphrasing and let the profile (http://www.amw.com/fugitives/brief.cfm?id=41919) tell the story.

I worked with him for about a year. He was probably the best manager the company had; I enjoyed working with him. Early on, he was the only person not to respond to my Taxi Driver poster with "You talkin' to me?". His response was "When that cigarette goes out, your time is up."

Fucking awful in retrospect. If you don't get it, see more quality films.

I'm filled with impotent rage; I knew him, I saw him daily, and despite his bulk I could have killed him if I'd known. I'm left only with the nauseating feeling that I spent a lot of time with a man who could do that. And I never knew.
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