tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Counterfeit dollars for the English zloty

Dublin is expensive, aside from the staggering exchange rate. Between the cost of the drinks and metered pour, there may be very little drinking done here.

An example: a double Kettel One seems to run between €7 and €10, or for those adverse to doing math, between $9.80 and $14.70 depending on the exact rate of the day. That's for 7.1cl of name-brand vodka, or 2.4oz. This makes the drinking I did in Salt Lake City seem like a bargain.

The numbers don't get better in bulk liquor - a 750ml bottle (known to us as a fifth) of Stoli seems to run about €25 in most of the stores I've passed through. Given that even in Washington's state liquor system, the same bottle is about $19, this seems pretty high.

For a country with a reputation for heavy drinking, I don't see how they can afford it.
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