tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Somebody tell me about the rhythm of the dance floor

Dublin's only regularly scheduled goth/industrial night is held Saturdays in a fetid basement below a bar that is used mainly for karaoke. The crowd is small but apparently quite loyal; if the entire crowd had was dropped into the Seattle scene, the increase would not be particularly noticeable

I'm not taking poetic license when I say fetid; due a poorly sealed manhole in the back hallway to the restrooms, large amounts of incense are burned to deaden the smell of sewer gas. The dance floor was not particularly large, and perhaps two dozen people could dance at a time. Space was at quite a premium; while I usually will circulate standing in clubs, here I had no choice.

All that said, I had a wonderful time and the crowd is quite devoted. The music was good, and it's hard to hate a goth club that serves absinthe. My strategy of wearing a band shirt of an act that hasn't ever been to Ireland paid off by serving as a useful conversation piece. Definitely worth spending the evening and a handful of euros.
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