tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Two five zero zero zero ... zero zero zero... zero zero zero...

I've decided to like Barcelona, the rambling narrow stone streets, the beautiful plazas. Las morenas bonitas.

I still can't sleep.

The city's been friendly enough. God bless the ubiquity of Italian food; the only thing that's gotten me through half a dozen countries. In Ireland I learned that the Italian restaurants were remnants of the special status traders from the various Italian city-states had in Ireland. By merit of being papists, they were allowed more free rein than the other players in the isles at the time.

That historical distraction aside, I'm still awake.

Among my own I was a stranger; here I am a stray among the lost. "Lo siento?" gets me through a lot of conversations. For the rest, everyone seems to speak English.

Keine Angst du kannst ruhig mit mir gehen
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