tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Down through the streets today

After an early afternoon of walking around the waterfront and the gothic quarter, I lazily had an afternoon in the hotel. I think I've found the club I'm going to go to tonight... which doesn't open until 0100. In fact, some checking reveals that none of the goth clubs open until after midnight. Admittedly, even when I was clubbing heavily, I never went out much before midnight and always wondered about how weird getting to a club while it was still light out must be. Since there are apparently no liquor laws here in any event, and the clubs stay open until dawn, I suppose there's no reason to open them earlier.

The more immediate problem is that I have no idea where this place is, and the address concept here is a little vague. Not nearly as bad as Dublin, since Barcelona does believe in street signs and street names that seem to remain consistent, but the use of postal codes confuses the hell out of Google maps. The logical solution here is probably a cab.
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