tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

The line between the devil's teeth

It's always sad to see a Bowie disciple so utterly fail.

Not to say it wasn't a show totally worth my €29 plus very expensive drinks.

It was, as I'd hoped mostly Bauhaus and Deep, since I haven't paid for an album since Deep, although I did steal Wild Birds from an ex at some point. I'm not interested in his solo work except as the occasional footnote.

Peter Murphy now has a bald spot the size of a dinner plate and stringy blond hair. Unlike some artists, he still thinks that the crowd wants to see him in person. Some people call this "Rolling Stones Disorder". Someday, I hope to be at the "Last Tour Ever" where Mick Jagger breaks a hip and dies on stage.

A good moment of the concert that was also probably a low artistic point was the cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt. Almost literally a moment of the Bowie disciple torch being passed.

All that aside, it was worth the money. It was a good show in a good space, although smaller than any Sisters show I've ever seen, and Eldritch realized long, long ago that if we wanted to see Bowie, we'd go see Bowie. Peter could take a lesson; Andrew shaved his head years ago and keeps enough smoke in the club to make us listen to the music and not staring at the band.

I did ask, in my broken Spanish, if there was any club afterward playing that kind of music. The answers were clear enough, even through the language barrier.
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