tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

this stuff so strange and lonely

I finally got to the Absinthe store while they were actually open. After making a few selections, just slightly over the two liters of spirituous liquors I can legally import and taking them up to the counter, the older woman tolerated my poor Spanish, and then thrust a business card at me for their Internet business. "Conoce Usted el Internet?" she asked. I felt only mildly stupid but didn't show it.

Something I did not pick up was a trowel, since it's not strictly necessary. The place I've been drinking absinthe here just mixes in sugar and cold water, and it's been perfectly good that way. I figure buying the trowel later will be trivial if I want one. Or a simple slotted spoon, although I don't own any of those either.

I'd take some pictures of the bottles, but since I haven't used the camera yet on this trip I see no need to start now. Two are green, one is clear, and I suspect the fourth is clear also, but the light-blue tinted bottle makes this somewhat hard to determine. Each is of a different country of origin.

I'm back to Dublin tomorrow, in a roundabout way through a regional airport and an hour's bus ride. Then a couple quick days of seeing friends and a VNV Nation concert I'll fly back to the US. Nearly everything is packed already, and I've done a decent job of separating the dirty clothes from the clean between the two bags.

When I get back, I'm thinking of doing an inventory of things that weren't necessary and went unused on the entire trip. An interesting item to start with: I have almost no conception of how much toothpaste I use in a month. But that's for another day.
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