tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Love for the party, love for the nation

In the last day or so, I've had to repeatedly explain the dark art of caucusing to a number of people. Here's the condensed and embittered version:

  1. It's not a popular vote. Most of caucusing is talking to other caucus-goers, as opposed to flipping a lever/punching a ballot/however the fuck they vote in your state.
  2. The final outcome is not based on the popular vote. This is actually a misconception - even states with primaries don't allocate all of their delegates by the popular votes. Primaries are internal party elections and they get to assign delegates for reasons besides the popular vote.
  3. Unless you're in Iowa or Nevada, caucuses don't matter. Period. If you think that's harsh, imagine having to be me addressing a room full of earnest participants the Saturday after Super Tuesday.
  4. A caucus is not a good place to hook up. Trust me, a self-selecting community of people interested in politics makes technical conventions look like Hedonism.

Still excited about politics? Great! Wishing for the days when good and qualified candidates were chosen by shady backroom party bosses? Me too!
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