tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

A love letter lying on the bedroom floor

Dear Live Journal,

There's no right way to say this, so I'll just be blunt: we're through. There's no one else, but our relationship has become more bad than good and I just don't want to continue it.

I know that after a while together I committed to you for life. At the time I meant it sincerely, but we've grown apart so much now. Surely you've realized that we don't spend quality time together anymore, that I usually only see you after a night out drinking. That's not a relationship that either of us deserve; we can both do better.

I won't try to trot out the cliched breakup line, "It's not you, it's me". The fact is, it's both of us. I stopped caring about you particularly and even though you could tell, you were always there for me despite the time of night or if I'd been ignoring you for days. That's a very unhealthy way to co-exist and if we ignore it, it will only get worse.

We did have a lot of good times, and I'll always try to remember the good without the bad. But it's over.


Tyler Joseph Pierce
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