tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

So the highest hand is joking wild

Christmas meant not working Monday, except for covering the pager. It meant sleeping late, a surreal visit from a surreal new friend, and a nice evening in the suburbs playing low-stakes hold-em after a great dinner.

The phone call where I reconcile with my paternal cousins has been postponed for later this week. This is just as well, since I have no idea what one says to relatives one hasn't spoken to in twenty years, who were sufficiently older as to remember me as a child during their late adolescences. The eldest cousin was going off to college when I was ten, to give one example. My sister, who has maintained contact and will serve as the catalyst for this conversation, assures me that they are interested in getting back in touch with me.

My carefully hedged bet of taking the oncall duty for this week has been so far very sound; since no one has been changing anything on the servers, nothing has broken. So far so good.

The company is giving me tomorrow off also, although I still must cover my 1700-0000 shift for oncall. This should make for another quiet shift. I will run errands and make some calls during business hours.

The nasty spike of disappointment I was expecting mid-week was nicely offset by two different friends getting back in touch. One I'd assumed was lost, and one who's communication is an infrequent but genuine pleasure. These softened the impact a lot, but I haven't written off the prime mover of this instance yet.

I may have reached the logical conclusion to my traffic in rough trade.
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