tylerpierce (tylerpierce) wrote,

Desired dreams desolve and fade

Despite my epiphany, the rough trade does not want to let go of me.

One called today to let me know that having resumed residence in a residence motel, she'd cooked and wanted to bring me a nice meal.

One texted to let me know that she'd changed phone carriers and had a new number, and to check how I was doing.

One sent a message that she was back in town.

Christmas is over, and the gifts of three uncannily wise women is not something I need. Their insight into my soul is startlingly acute, since I am carefully honest in the short term. They know me, in pieces, that I do not want reassembled.

Is this maturity? Have I finally reached adulthood by letting go of my adolescent grasp of trouble?

My doppelganger, a friend I love with all my heart, has lived the straight and narrow life. He has a good home, a pretty girl he met in college, and a lawn to mow every Saturday. X2 made fun of me for empathizing with Hank Hill, but I know that he's happy.

As much as I want to mock that happiness, I cannot say that I am happier than he has been.
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